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Zemax optical design
Scanners, laser writing
Optical beam modulation
Lasers and laser diodes
Anamorphic lens systems
Mini- and micro optical systems
Alignment and testing
Image processing
Mechanical concept study

Optical beam modulation

Acousto-optic modulation is the default choice for cost-effective high speed laser beam modulation. Afocal has designed a multitude of laser writing systems based on this exiting technology.
We constantly monitor the progress of other modulation methods methods like DMD, GLV and LCD.

Multi channel acouto-optic modulator
  • Single beam acousto-optic modulation and deflection

  • Multi-channel (4-24) acousto-optic modulation and deflection

  • Scophony modulator

  • AOTF: Acousto-optic tuneable filters

  • LCD: Liquid Crystal Display, amplitude and phase modulation

  • DMD: Digital Mirror Devices

  • GLV: Grating Light Valves

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