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Graphic arts
Material processing
Laboratory, Metrology

Graphic arts

The introduction of optronics in the late seventies revolutionised the graphic arts industry. Scanners are now used to digitise photos and artwork. Laser writers produce imposed ready film, and press ready gravure drums, offset- and flexographic plates.

Esko-Graphics MegaSetter
  • External drum scanners

  • Internal drum scanners

  • Flatbed scanners

  • UV, visible and infrared wavelengths

  • Gas laser, solid state laser, laser diode

  • Acousto-optic en direct modulation

  • Film scanning / exposure

  • Offset plates, Flexo plates, gravure drum

  • Xerographic drum exposure

  • 20 to 1000 lines per second exposure speed

  • Resolutions from 1000 up to 25000 dpi

  • Pixel speeds up to tot 150 Mega pixels per second

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