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Zemax optical design
Scanners, laser writing
Optical beam modulation
Lasers and laser diodes
Anamorphic lens systems
Mini- and micro optical systems
Alignment and testing
Image processing
Mechanical concept study

Image processing

In image processing applications the selection of the illumination system and camera lens are of the greatest importance. CCD cameras resolution is increasing every month. This pushes the optical requirements for the camera lenses.
Often the camera lens is the limiting factor in a vision system set-up.

Characterising laser diodes farfield
  • Illumination system design

  • Determining lens performance

  • Selection best fit camera lens for the application

  • Custom camera lens design

  • Programming using standard software libraries Labview, Euresys, ...

  • Development custom algorithms

  • Automated set-ups, Visual Basic, Labview, Matlab

  • Connection vision output to action platform such as PLC...

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