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Zemax optical design
Scanners, laser writing
Optical beam modulation
Lasers and laser diodes
Anamorphic lens systems
Mini- and micro optical systems
Alignment and testing
Image processing
Mechanical concept study

Lasers and laser diodes

The availability of small reliable laser diodes has enabled the usage of sophisticated optronics systems in to everyday applications. Just think about CD, CD-RW and now DVD.
Also in the material processing laser and laser diode based systems profit from increasing usage.
Diode lasers do however have very different optical characteristics and their application usually demands more complex optics. 

40 Watt laser diode bars
  • HeNe, Ar Ion, HeCd, CO2 gas lasers

  • Nd-Yag solid state laser

  • Fibre lasers

  • 405 nm violet laser diode

  • 830 nm high power laser diode

  • Single emitter single mode en multi mode laser diodes

  • Multi emitter laser diodes

  • Fast and slow axis collimation

  • Astigmatism compensation

  • Beam circularisation

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