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Graphic arts
Material processing
Laboratory, Metrology

Laboratory, Metrology

Your product quality depends highly on the control instruments at your disposal.
Setting up a dedicated measurement application is food for thought. In a first phase we often start with a lab set-up built from standard available material.
Experience has thought us that this type of lab equipment is difficult to use by production personnel. It often pays off to invest in a dedicated automated test rig.

Spectroscopy setup
  • Remote temperature measurement

  • Low cost microscope camera interfaces

  • Metrology

  • Visual inspection: shape, colour en structure

  • Spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy

  • Optimisation lens / camera systems, optimal illumination.

  • Fibre optic sensors

  • Measuring laser beam parameters.

  • Particle tracking.

  • Stress measurement, interferometry and holography.

  • Optical character recognition

  • Custom sensors: edge detection, thickness-, transparency-, colour-, roughness measurements, ...

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