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Zemax optical design
Scanners, laser writing
Optical beam modulation
Lasers and laser diodes
Anamorphic lens systems
Mini- and micro optical systems
Alignment and testing
Image processing

Mini and micro optical systems, design en assembly

Optical systems are getting smaller by the day. Lenses do get physically smaller, have very short focal lengths. These lenses thus require minute mechanical tolerances in component production and system assembly.
In micro-optic systems it is even no longer possible to use the standard optical mount approach.
eSolea has been active in designing and getting micro-optical systems in to production.

Mounting fast axis collimator lens
  • Determining minimum effort alignment strategy.

  • Aligning micro optics with external six axis actuators.

  • Designing robust alignment set-ups

  • Determining quality requirements for mechanical actuators

  • UV and thermal hardening gluing

  • Selection of micro-optic components for your application

  • Replicated optics

  • 'Live' alignment,  on line monitoring optical parameter modelling

  • Closed loop measuring and alignment.

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