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Zemax optical design
Scanners, laser writing
Optical beam modulation
Lasers and laser diodes
Anamorphic lens systems
Mini- and micro optical systems
Alignment and testing
Image processing
Mechanical concept study

Scanners, laser writing

eSolea has a long standing experience in laser scanner design
We have built scanners operating from the UV through the NIR spectrum. Depending on the system requirements the scanners were designed around hologram or polygon architectures.
Besides flat-bed scanners we have also designed a range of external and internal drum scanners.

Holographic disc scanner
  • Hologram flat bed scanner, 270 mm width, 532nm, 2540 dpi

  • Polygon flat bed scanner, 270 mm width, 830 nm, 2400 dpi, 15 Watt

  • Polygon flat bed scanner, 24 inch width, 310 nm, 2500 dpi, multi beam

  • Internal drum scanner 405 nm, 3810 dpi

  • Internal drum scanner 830 nm, 2400 dpi

  • External drum scanner 1600 x 2400 mm, 8000 dpi, 632 nm, multi beam

  • External drum scanner 800 x 1000 mm, 4000 dpi, 1064 nm, 10 Watt, multi beam

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